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We offer extensive insurance plans and work by being a independent agent to get the best deal on services to save time and money.  Time to start the conversation?  Click below to contact our team!

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Barbara Pawson

I very much appreciated the professional and thorough attention Ed provided in presenting benefit options that would suit my requirements. Thank you Ed, it was a pleasure meeting with you.

Regina, SK

Bev Neufeld

I recently experienced the need to file a claim for an injury. I cannot say enough about what a help Ed Niedzielski was in assisting me with filling out the complicated claim forms, plus preparing me for the next steps and telephone calls that would come from the insurance company. Huge help. Thank you so much, Ed.

Regina, SK

Cheryl Harlos

When my husband experienced a medical emergency, we were in total shock. We made a phone call to Ed and he was very reassuring. He emailed us the forms we needed for the insurance company and told us to fill them out then bring them in, he would review and submit them to the insurance company. He even stayed after hours to receive the Dr.'s forms. The insurance funds came through in record time. Thank you Ed and we highly recommend Niedzielski Financial Services.

Regina, SK

Jonida Seferi, Dentist

I contacted Ed when I couldn't get disability insurance due to a medical condition/ misdiagnose. Ed worked hard and I was able to get a really decent insurance. 2 years later when my doctor realized that I was misdiagnosed it was Ed that did the paperwork for me and helped me through the process of getting the best disability insurance available. Ed is always ready to help us and does everything in a great, timely matter. Thank You Ed for all your hard work and we highly recommend Niedzielski Financial Services.

Saskatoon, SK




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